About Us

We supply apparel to businesses and organisations in the Unites States and Europe

We strive to work with suppliers that look after our environment and preserve the natural resources used in the manufacturing processes. At all operating levels, we are aware of the fact that we operate as part of a greater whole: the environment in which we live and work. This translates into a heightened sense of responsibility to preserve our existing environmental resources and to implement processes designed to reduce, the impact of our activities on our surroundings.

ENERGY: Improving energy efficiency to reduce our environmental impact

WATER: Optimizing our water use throughout our processes

EMISSIONS: Creativity in finding alternate sustainable energy sources

WASTE: Continuously reducing waste through reuse and recycling

BIODIVERSITY: Preserving the health of our ecosystem

POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: Developing strong guidelines to lead our actions

ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE: Going beyond legal requirements

THE THREE R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

GIVING BACK: We believe in giving back

We take great pride in our work and consider it to be an honor working with you. We know our apparel and can advise you on the best design and logo/printing solution for your order. We will always give you a fair price that matches quality and your budget. 

The founder

Jesper Wieder